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    EFRA AGM 2017

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    Si sta svolgendo in queste ore in Austria l'AGM EFRA.

    Di seguito potete scaricare i calendari e altri documenti inerenti l'incontro.
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  • Race report by Drew Ellis
    The Sven Boehringer Family Reunion race was held at The Backyard in Battle ground Washington. The race ran from July 13th-16th. Format was 4 qualifiers and single mains for nitro and triple mains for electric. The race was held in memory for Sven, a great racer and friend to the RC community.
    The track is like no other in the states. Full ribbon and banked with camber turns. It has a superfast line that demands maximum focus.
    Team XRAY was well represented at the event with drivers from all over the US and Canada. The team worked hard to find pace and setups.
    In Stock TC Dan Hammon was showing pace and would end of putting it 2nd on the grid for the start of the triple mains. Andrew Doherty was right there also qualifying 3rd. Tim Copp would put his XRAY 4th for the start. Devin Patterson put his XRAY 5th. 4 out of the top 5 cars were XRAY.
    In Mod TC, JJ Wang was showing the pace early on, but had some tire issues but will still mange a 4th qualifier to start the triple A mains. Dave Ehlich making his comeback tour would put his XRAY 5th on the grid.
    In Spec GT, Andrew Doherty put it 2nd on the grid to start the main. Dick Reece would start 4th. John Gonzales put it 5th. 3 out of the top 5 were XRAY’s.
    In Nitro TC, Richard St Cyr would be starting the 30 minute main 4th on the grid. Paul Lemieux was lined up 5th.
    In 1/8, Blake Bell put it 7th top start the 30m min main. Paul Lemieux and Dana Mckee taking the bump spots to start 10th and 11th.
    In GT8, Ryan Newbury put his GTX8 4TH. Scotty Ernst with his rent a GTX8 would start 6th for the main.
    After some exciting mains this is how it ended up.
    17.5 Sedan:
    1st Felix Law
    2nd Dan Hamann – XRAY T4
    3RD Andrew Doherty – XRAY T4
    4TH Devin Patterson – XRAY T4
    5TH Bryce Butterfield – XRAY T4
    6TH Chris Kemper
    7th Luke Pittman – XRAY T4
    8TH Tim Copp – XRAY T4
    9TH Donny Banks
    10th Dick Reese – XRAY T4
    11TH Scott Barnes
    Mod Sedan:
    1st JJ Wang – XRAY T4
    2ND Gonzalo Cortes
    3rd Randy Castor
    4th Felix Law
    5th Luke Pittman – XRAY T4
    6TH Dan Hamann – XRAY T4
    7TH Julian Wong – XRAY T4
    8TH Dave Ehrlich – XRAY T4
    9TH Korey Harbke
    10th Eric Epp
    11th Ethan Erchinger
    Scale Spec:
    1st Chris Kemper
    2nd Andrew Doherty – XRAY X10
    3RD Mike Rydwell
    4th Hector Garcia
    5th John Gonzales – XRAY X10
    6TH Otto Rosa
    7th Nate Lyday
    8th Dick Reece – XRAY X10
    9TH Stuart Mason
    10th Trevor Geter
    11th Michael Boyle
    1/8 Open:
    1st JJ Wang
    2nd Joaquin Desoto Jr
    3rd Paul Lemieux – XRAY RX8
    4TH Richard St Cyr – XRAY RX8
    5TH Tom Camou
    6th Brandon Cho 
    7th Tony Clark
    8th Scott Kimbrow
    9th Blake Bell – XRAY RX8
    10TH Dana Mckee – XRAY RX8
    11TH Ralph Burch Jr
    1/10 Sedan Nitro:
    1st Ralph Burch Jr
    2nd Richard St Cyr – XRAY NT1
    3RD Paul Lemieux – XRAY NT1
    4TH Blake Bell – XRAY NT1
    5TH Robbie Cerrato
    6th Brain Thomas
    7th Luke Pittman – XRAY NT1
    8TH Scott Kimbrow
    9th Loran Whiting
    10th Bryce Butterfield – XRAY NT1
    11TH Alex Plate – XRAY NT1
    1ST Joaquin Desoto Jr
    2nd Scott Barnes
    3rd Mike Lyday
    4th Rick Wang
    5th Scotty Ernst – XRAY GTX8
    6TH Ryan Newbury – XRAY GTX8
    7TH Trevor Geter
    8th Kevin Rogers – XRAY GTX8
    9TH Jeff Whiting
    10th Mike Biscieglia
    11th Troy Mckune
    Thanks to the whole St Cyr family for making this event happen. Thanks to Ryan and Melissa Newbury for getting things going. Thanks to all the Hooligans that put in the work to make this a great event. Thanks to Scotty for handling things on the mic and keeping things moving. Thanks to all the XRAY guys for putting in the hard work and coming out with some good results. Sven sister was able to make the event and race Sven’s car, we are very thankful for her to be able to make the trip over. Thank you, Anja Krystina Bohringer. RIP to our friend Sven Boehringer.

  • Siamo a Pinerolo, Italia, ecco i risultati del campionato europeo 1:10 off road
    Vince, stravince un ottimo Bruno Coelho
    Final results:
    1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY 
    2. Neil Cragg - Associated
    3. Davide Ongaro - Associated
    4. Martin Bayer - XRAY
    5. Malin Karlsen - XRAY
    6. Martin Wollanka - XRAY
    7. Lee Martin - Yokomo
    8. Hupo Honigl - XRAY
    9. Daniel Kobbevik - XRAY
    10. JP Sartel - XRAY


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