RCGP presenta il primo team ad entrare nella competizione 2022: MAYAKO FACTORY TEAM. La nuova azienda mette in campo David Ronnefalk e Alex Zanchettin. Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale. Rimanete sintonizzati perché a breve saranno presentati tutti i team in vista del primo round che si terrà il 25 marzo in Sud Carolina.

We are thrilled to announce the first team entering RCGP for 2022 is the Mayako Factory Team!

The new force behind the popular #mayakomovement are fielding seasoned RCGP contender #7 David Ronnefalk and newcomer to the World Series #29 Alex Zanchettin!

Viewers of RCGP’s new Inside Track show will already know David means business as he stated he will NOT be allowing Davide Ongaro anything like the number of wins he enjoyed in Season 1 and as the whole team hit the ground running at last weekend’s DNC – We can’t wait to see what the unleash upon the #rcgpworldworldseries

Stay tuned for new announcements every day in the run up to Round 1 in just 4 weeks!!


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