Davide Ongaro RCGP CHAMPION 2019

Si è conclusa in America la prima edizione del Campionato RCGP, dopo un secondo posto nel round 7 del sabato e la vittoria del round 8 di domenica, Davide Ongaro, Team Associated Scuderia Scampi Rosso, si laurea campione 2019.

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“Well, RCGP round 7&8 are done here at beautiful Thunder alley facility!! Great event like always, great track and great hospitality.

Round 7: we struggle a bit with car set up, trying to find a good stability and traction, so on Saturday after 4 qualifying and 2 finals we were able to finish in 2nd behind David Ronnefalk!

Round 8: we decided to test during the 4 qualifying all the tyres we can because we knew that the start of the final was with the gates, so we try a lot of tyres and different compounds, we like so much the new Lutz style Zipps in front and Double Down in the rear in ultra soft compound while the final was at 6.30pm and the dirt was wet! We found a good stability and traction! The start of the final was terrible like always for us, but I decided to drive without mistakes and from the 9th spot, after some minutes I was 2nd. David was so fast but at the end he had a problem, so we took the win home!!

Thanks to Andrea Drew for the great and funny weekend!!!

Big thanks to my family, Verardo Riccardo, and this time to my uncle Arnaldo ongaro!!🤙🏻🇺🇸

That was a great season of RCGP for us, won the title, and won the title also for Scuderia scampi rosso!! 🍤 I want to say thanks to all the guys that made this event, I hope it will continue next year!! At the end I want to say a big thanks to……. for supporting us and Patrick Hofer for the great time togheter!!! Now is time to go back home and looking forward to the next races!!!

















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