Xray NT1 2021 – le foto

Xray ha presentato oggi la nuovissima 1/10 Touring: la NT1 2021. Di seguito la presentazione e le foto ufficiali. Fonte: https://teamxray.com/nt1/3/en/ NT1 Platform. Since the first release of the NT1 back in 2007, it has enjoyed some of the greatest successes around the world, and been one of the most popular nitro touring cars around. … Leggi tutto Xray NT1 2021 – le foto

Xray T4F 2021 – Anteprima

Xray ha presentato ieri la nuova XRay T4F 2021, ecco foto e caratteristiche. Check out the detailed & beautiful presentation of the all new XRAY T4F’21 at https://teamxray.com/t4f/2021/en/ – All-new FWD platform based on the T4’20 – All-new drivetrain layout with centralized motor position – Central layshaft location for more consistent on-power/off-power balance – All-new … Leggi tutto Xray T4F 2021 – Anteprima

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