Dedichiamo questa pagina a un successo aziendale italiano all’Europeo A 1/8 buggy appena concluso in Portogallo, l’italianissima Hotrace Tyres, del nostro amico Nicola Marrone, si porta a casa infatti i primi 5 posti: il campione David Ronnefalk, il 2º Coelho, 3º Canas, 4º Batlle e 5º Berton.

Complimenti Nicola! 👏

Ecco il suo post su Facebook.

Is something that I never can imagine before this race.

We are European Champions, and 1-2-3-4-5 was with Hotrace Tyres Factory.

We work so hard all days to have all perfect on the track, me, my staff, my drivers and all peoples that trust in my or better our work.

I want to say thank you to all peoples around me, specially Robert Batlle RC Driver who always trusted in my work also in a bad days.

Thanks to my family, my girlfriend(i know is difficult for u more than all the others).

In to the next one💪



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