JConcepts ha sviluppato uno speciale prototipo di carrozzeria per il Campionato del Monto 1/10 EP che si sta svolgendo in questi giorni in Xiamen, China.

In true spirit of the World Championships, JConcepts has developed a special prototype body for this year’s Worlds event in Xiamen, Cina.

The body was designed to excel in high speed, outdoor conditions and currently dubbed, THE P2…. as in Punisher 2!! We felt that the S2 is a great carpet/turf body and the F2 the indoor clay body of choice, there was a gap for the great outdoors.

Currently, the prototype body is available for the Team Associated B6 and Yokomo platform with Ryan Maifield on hand with a P2 prototype body as well. #jconceptsn #p2 #ifmarworlds

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