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nazionale francese


This weekend was the 2nd round of French nationals at the Vichy track, center of France. The track is very technical and had some slow corners which required a particular setup.

In the qualifications, I had some trouble with finding the right balance. I had DNF in the first two round and a promising 2nd in the last one. They counted 2 out of 3 who give me a 12th place. Nevermind I knew that my pace for the long run was good and I was confident for the 45min final.

Romain Picard TQed in front of Anthony Abisset and Benjamin Brasset.

In the 45min final Adrien Bertin immediatly took the lead after some laps followed by Romain Picard who was forced to retire after 25min by a mistake at the end of the straight. I was able to take the 3rd place at 20min but a mistake just before the tires change cost me some seconds and a return to the 5th place. In the last 15 minutes, I pushed really hard to come back on the 2nd and 3rd place thanks to a better car setup. During the last fuel stop I overtook the 2nd and 3rd to take the 2nd place on the the finish line.

Great job also in the pit by my father and my teammate Thomas Eytard

This result also gave me the championship lead with still 2 rounds to race.

Final result :

1. Adrien Bertin                     HB

2. Léo Arnold                         Xray RX8

3. Romain Delaunay              Shepherd

4. Anthony Abisset                Serpent

5. Benjamin Brasset              Serpent

6. Thomas Desmaries           Mugen

7. Antoine Gaschet                Mugen

8. Nicolas Miramont              HB

9. Arnaud Mathieu                Capricorn

10. Romain Picard                 MugenV (1) (22).jpgV (2) (19).jpgV (3) (17).jpgV (5) (9).jpgV (4) (12).jpg

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