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Danish Nationals


Claus Ryeskov report

Danish Nats 1.


The first round of DM nitro was held in Naestved. Danish summer at 25 degrees and no wind made the perfect weather for racing.

We got a lot of practice on Thursday and Friday and were prepared for the race Saturday. The two new XRAY drivers, coming from Electric cars were actually driving very well.

It was the first race for many, but Claus Ryeskov had been driving three nitro race this year, so he was driving 1 sec. faster than the others drivers.


Final start grid:

Claus Ryeskov XRAY

Thomas Mogensbaek XRAY

René Kjellerup XRAY

Tom Limkilde XRAY

Mads Merrild

Rasmus Skjoldborg Jakobsen

Lars Bo Larsen XRAY

Thomas Mortensen XRAY


After the qualifications we could see that there was a big tire consumption, so there had to be plans for the pit strategy.

The final started and Claus quickly pulled away from the field. René also started well and took second place. Thomas and Tom had a big battle for the 3rd place.

After half of the race, Claus was in and changed tires and came straight behind René, but was much faster on new tires and after a half of a lap, Claus was in the lead again.

Time went and it turned out that everyone had to change tires in the finale.


Final result:

1.         Claus Ryeskov - XRAY NT1

2.         René Kjellerup - XRAY NT1

3.         Tom Limkilde - XRAY NT1

4.         Thomas Mogensbaek - XRAY NT1

5.         Lars Bo Larsen - XRAY NT1

6.         Mads Merrild

7.         Rasmus Skjoldborg Jakobsen

8.         Thomas Mortensen - XRAY NT1


Nitro 1:8

Rasmus B. Nielsen was making a very nice run and took the 2. Place.

1. Martin N.O Hansen

2 .Rasmus B. Nielsen - XRAY RX8

3. Martin Dyrlund

4. Bo Nielsen

5. Henrik Christensen

6. Kurt Michaelsen

7. Morten Skov Nielsen

8. Nicolai Heilbuth

9. Soren Jorgensen

10. Jon Pedersen

V (6) (2).jpgV (5) (2).jpgV (4) (3).jpgV (3) (3).jpgV (8).jpgV (1) (4).jpg

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