• Pupillo
    Front/Rear Differential Large Bevel Gears
    • For drive ratio adjustment
    • Tight tolerance
    • Perfect fit
    • Additionally hardened
    • Extra-long lifespan
    • Individually machined, tested, and inspected
    • Special HUDY steel
    • Low wear
    • Precision ground
    Large external bevel gear manufactured from HUDY Steel for drive ratio adjustment. Suitable
    for front/rear differential. Precision machined on a special gear machine.

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    By Pupillo, in Race,

    XRAY is happy to announce the outdoors XRS United Kingdom on 2nd - 3rd September 2017 at Cotswold Model Car Club in Glouchestershire, UK. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Last weekend the first north German outdoor race took place in Burgdorf.
    The very nice astroturf track and the facilities welcomed the drivers with sunny weather, but a very cold and gusty eastern wind. As in previous years, the races hosted by the DMC (Deutscher Minicar Club) complain about less and less drivers every season. You have to attend these races if you would like to participate at the German national championships later this year.
    Most drivers utilized the Saturday for practicing. On Sunday at 09:30 am the first of the three qualifiers started. At DMC races the qualifiers run over 7 minutes. My XB2 was easy to drive, but I had trouble with my transponder. Two laps were missing after each run. In the last qualifier we changed the transponder. The race management added two rounds in each run, but they used a slow time, so after qualifying I was on position 8. Due to the little number of drivers they decided to run the finals with seven cars. I started on pole of the B-Main. I had a drop out in the first B-Main, but was able to win the second and third run.
    In 4WD I was able to manage 3rd after qualifying – my XB4 was smashing. As always Sebastian Honscha was a class of its own. I fighted for the second place with Christoph and was a little bit faster at the end. In Monster Truck Modified I was the only driver … I had to run one qualifier only to get all the points for the ranking. A good start into the outdoor season for me! A big thank you to the Burgdorf club members. The organisation was excellent as always.
    1.    Sebastian Honscha
    2.    John Zuber, XRAY XB4
    3.    Christoph Thiele
    4.    Stephan Eberding, XRAY XB4
    5.    Lukas Hinsch
    6.    Markus Blonn
    7.    Olaf Stein, XRAY XB4
    8.    Glenn Queisser

  • HUDY Pocket Hobby Knife & Replaceable Blades
    • High-tech blade knife
    • Ultra small size
    • Compact design
    • Easily foldable
    • Replaceable blades
    • Super sharp
    • Stylish graphics
    • Fits perfectly into tool box
    Ultra-cool tiny pocket hobby knife is a “must have” RC accessory. The knife is foldable to
    make it very compact. The blades are replaceable and available as a spare part in a 5pc set in
    a plastic protective box.
    Set of 5 replaceable hobby knife blades in plastic protective box for #188981 HUDY Pocket
    Hobby Knife.

  • The final round of the 2016/2017 PROTOform WCICS went down in Calgary, Alberta.
    RC America / XRAY Canadian team drivers Luke Pittman, Blake Bell, Korgae Scales, Frank Bortolazzo, Earl Towson and Jim Chapman were looking to make an impact. Being the final round of the series it was also time to crown series champions with strong finishes from XRAY including a Championship Sweep in 12th Scale Stock with the X12 taking 1st, 2ndand 3rd!
    Touring Stock
    Touring Stock saw Pittman and Mah battling during qualifying for that top position with Pittman taking the first honors in qualifying round 1 with a 31/5:06 pace.  Wayne Mah, not to be outdone, came out swinging in round 2 and laid down a blistering 31/5:01 to reset TQ.  Being that WCICS changed it format this year to 3 qualifiers with triple/double mains it meant that the final chance to grab TQ was up next in round 3.  Perhaps the most exciting round of the weekend, Mah and Pittman both ran nearly flawless runs with Pittman taking the edge with a final pace of 31/5:00.5 over Mah’s 31/5:00.9.  Each of the two had a fast lap of 9.41 which set the stage for some exciting racing in the mains.  Pittman made a crucial mistake at the start of A3 allowing Mah and a few other cars to get by.  In A2 Pittman led for a couple of laps before some unfortunate contact with Mah causing a body-tuck and sliding him to last.  While Mah ended up winning A2 he also voluntarily removed his result for that main, setting the stage for A3.  In order to get the overall win, Pittman had to take the win with Mah finishing 3rd or worse, which would be a long shot considering Mah’s history.  Pittman held off Mah for the full five minutes of A3 but the second place finish for Mah beat Pittman’s 3rd place finish in A1 thus giving him the overall win.  Not forgotten was Jim Chapman laying down solid runs in all 3 mains for a solid third podium position.
    TC Stock Top 5
    1.       Wayne Mah
    2.       Luke Pittman – XRAY
    3.       Jim Chapman – XRAY
    4.       Ryan Berry
    5.       Lance Radkey
    2016/2017 PROTOform WCICS Season Touring Stock Champions:
    1.       Wayne Mah
    2.       Luke Pittman – XRAY
    3.       Ryan Berry
    Touring Modified
    In Touring Modified Wayne Mah dominated but not without a strong challenge from XRAY’s Blake Bell.  Bell and Mah traded hotlaps back and forth all weekend but Mah was able to string a few more hotlaps together in the mains to take the overall win.  Bell was close to secure the second podium position and  Pittman, Chapman and Scales were all close in the battle for XRAY as well with Pittman taking two 3rds, Chapman taking a 3rd and 5th and Scales taking a 2nd and a couple DNF.
    TC Modified Top 5
    1.       Wayne Mah
    2.       Blake Bell – XRAY
    3.       Luke Pittman – XRAY
    4.       Ryan Berry
    5.       Jim Chapman – XRAY
    2016/2017 PROTOform WCICS Season Touring Modified Champions:
    1.       Wayne Mah
    2.       Blake Bell – XRAY
    3.       Luke Pittman - XRAY
    12th Scale Stock
    In a dominating performance in 12th Scale Stock 13.5, XRAY’s Luke Pittman TQ’d each qualifying round to secure himself the starting position on the grid going into the mains.  Jim Chapman and Earl Towson both had strong showings in qualifying setting the stage for a solid X12 finish.  Pittman was able to cruise to back to back wins in A1 an A2 giving him the overall win and leaving Jim and Earl to continue the battle to represent XRAY.  Ultimately Jim was able to take the second podium position with some very close battles with Tommy Tam and Earl Towson finishing in the fifth position.
    12th Scale Stock 13.5 Top 5
    1.       Luke Pittman – XRAY
    2.       Jim Chapman – XRAY
    3.       Tommy Tam
    4.       Cal Freeman
    5.       Earl Towson – XRAY
    2016/2017 PROTOform WCICS Season 12th Scale Stock Champions:
    1.       Luke Pittman – XRAY (With a perfect season of 404 points)
    2.       Ryan Rice – XRAY
    3.       Earl Towson – XRAY
    Formula 1
    In Formula 1 XRAY’s Korgae Scales set TQ in round 1 which held through until the mains.  In A1 Korgae went tone to tone to take the win, setting himself up for a solid finish.  A2 was a different story though with Ed Mardones edging out Scales by 3 seconds to take the win and giving Korgae a second which would put the final results in the finishing order of A3.  Korgae Scales once again repeated his tone to tone performance in A3 staying ahead of Mardones by 2.5 seconds at the finish line, giving him the overall win for the weekend.
    Formula 1 Top 5
    1.       Korgae Scales – XRAY
    2.       Ed Mardones
    3.       Cal Freeman
    4.       Steve Wiens
    5.       Edmond Lee
    2016/2017 PROTOform WCICS Season Formula 1 Champions:
    1.       Korgae Scales – XRAY (With a perfect season of 404 points)
    2.       Edmond Lee
    3.       Alex Pate

  • Oltre 70 piloti per tre classi di gara
    Ottime condizioni meteo per tutto il week end che hanno reso la manifestazione piacevole e divertente
    1st Aaron Lee Shepard
    2nd Kane Alderton Xray
    3rd Leigh Dytor Mugen
    4th Tim Moylan Mugen
    5th Tommy Lee Serpent
    6th Dan Kradolfer Mugen
    7th Jeff Hamon Mugen
    8th David Craft ARC
    9th Stewart Grant ARC
    10th Steven Jovanovic Capricorn