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    Si è svolto in Polonia, in quel di Lodz il quarto round del bel circuito XRS
    Tracciato preparato veramente bene, e molto divertente
    2WD TOP 3:
    1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB2
    2. Martin Wollanka – XRAY XB2
    3. Bartek Zambrzycki – Yokomo
    4WD TOP 3:
    1. Martin Wollanka (TQ) – XRAY XB4
    2. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB4
    3. Bartek Zambrzycki – XRAY XB4

  • Hufnagl Ice Trophy

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    Risultati dal  Hufnagl Ice Trophy  quinto round
    1. Oiver Havránek - XRAY T4
    2. Ludvik Kurečka – Serpent
    3. Karel Kratochvíl - XRAY T4
    1. Zdeno Kunák – Awesomatix
    2. Magnus Vässmar – Schumacher
    3. Oliver Havránek - XRAY T4

  • XRAY is happy to announce that Czech top off-road driver Karel Novotny has resigned with
    XRAY to be part of the team in 2017. Karel is a multiple Czech national champion and winner of
    many major Czech off-road races. He will race with the XB8, XB8E, XB4 and the XB2.
    Karel says:
    "I am very happy to say that I am staying with XRAY for 2017 and beyond! To work with XRAY team was a dream that came true and I greatly enjoy it. I want to say big thanks to everyone in XRAY for believing in me and giving me a chance to be part of the team! We had some great  results in 2016 and now I look forward for 2017 with many majore events in calendar!"
    Karel’s best results:
     Multiple Czech national champion
     Multiple Czech junior national champion
     Multiple EOS A-main finalist
     3rd place overall in EOS series - Short Course class
     Multiple Mibosport cup champion
    Karel plans to attend in 2017 all major local and regional race series and some international races
     World Championship 1/10
     European Championship 1/10
     European Championship 1/8
     Mibosport Cup series
     1/8 Czech nationals series
     1/10 Czech nationals series
     EOS series
     NEO’17
     XRAY Racing Series

  • XRAY è lieta di annunciare il prolungamento della partnership con il campiona nazionale francese Leo Arnold.
    Entrambe le parti super soddisfatte per il proseguio del cammino insieme, ecco le parole di Leo:
    "In the past season XRAY did an amazing work to develop our cars. I'm really excited to start to prepare 2017 with two major international races in my country. This year I will focus on the 1/8 and 1/10 nitro on road in order to have the best possible preparation for these events.  hat s why I'm very happy to re-sign with XRAY which is for me the best way to achieve great result for 2017 with their ability to work as a team."
    In 2017, Leo will attend multiple races, including:
     World on-road championship 1/8
     European nitro on-road championship 1/10
     French on-road championship 1/8
     ENS series
    In bocca al lupo!

  • South West Championship

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    Siamo in Texas, per il primo round dell'affascinante  South West Championship
    Tanti i piloti presenti, per una prima tappa di campionato molto molto sentita, dove tutti volevano iniziare nel migliore dei modi.
    questi i risultati all'arrivo:
    Top 10 1/10th Sedan 
    1. Ethan Lefebvre XRAY
    2. David Heredia
    3. Tommy Porfirio
    4. John Hodges XRAY
    5. Loran Whiting
    6. Reggie Hamilton
    7. Luca Barrera
    8. Ken Dub
    9. Attila Kindli 
    10. Carl Lee
    Top 10 1/8th Open
    1. Terry Brown 
    2. Bob Ingersoll 
    3. Chris Metheny 
    4. Steve McLaughin 
    5. Foster Whiting 
    6. Nick Lefebvre XRAY
    7. Brad Toffelmire 
    8. Chris Jones 
    9. Scotty Barrera 
    10. Elton Hooper

  • Fourth round of XRS Poland is going to take place Siewna 15, Lodz 94-250 this weekend from 4 th to 5 th March. XRAY dealer will be there to provide support & service. Team XRAY factory drivers Martin Wollanka & Kaja Novotny will be there to provide team support to all XRAY customers.
    Sign up for the race at:

  • Continua l'avventura tra Ali e XRAY
    Le sue parole:
    "To work with XRAY team is a true pleasure, all the racing cars belong to the absolute best in the racing market which allows me and our team to continue to win the races. The 2016 racing season was successful for me and our Australian team and I am sure the 2017 will be another successful year and we will do our best.  I will be traveling to all major Australian races to support our XRAY team and I will be happy to help anyone, just stop by to see me."
    Ari will in 2017 race at all the major events in Australia including:
    - GP Off-road Nationals Series (3 Races)
    - GP Off-road NSW & ACT States
    - GP Off-road Proline Challenge Series (5 Races)
    - XRS Series Races EP On-road (5 Races)
    - XRS Races EP Off-road

  • Correrà ancora per XRAY il giovane talento tedesco
    "After racing with XRAY for more than 11 years now, I’m more than happy that I’ve extended my contract with XRAY. I'm really looking forward to the 2017 season and another year with the team and the brand new T4'17. A big thanks goes to XRAY and SMI-Motorsport for  heir trust and awesome support for so many years!”
    Tim's achievements:
     German Vice Stock Champion
     2x German Junior Stock Champion
     Multiple ETS A-Main Finalist
     Multiple German Championship A-Main Finalist
     TCM A-Main Finalist
    Tim will attend these races in 2017
     ETS races
     German National Races
     Tonisport Series
     Longwy Winter Series