Intech Racing introduces the new released updated CVD driveshafts and Swiss 7075-T6 Alu chassis for the BR-6 Electric buggy. An 5mm extra extension of chassis with two types of 105mm CVD. These CVD bones are made from alloy steel and aluminum, perfectly fitted to BR-6.  
The new chassis is longer to be more stable, and specially one type of CVD is made from aluminum to have a lighter weight.

XRAY is happy to announce the Junior Support program in United Kingdom. Talented juniors can sign up for the support at gee@biggracing.com.
Selected juniors will travel with factory drivers to the nationals and others out with the team and basically be part of the junior team.
Also, juniors will be supported with spare parts and consumables.

Ecco le principali caratteristiche:
• Light weight
• Decreased roll
• Increased cornering speed
• More aggressive handling
High-performance, low-profile aerodynamic body designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the XT2 Stadium truck. Used by the Factory Team in medium to high-traction conditions. The light weight of the body ensures has high weight to reduce roll, increase cornering speed, and offer more aggressive handling.

1. Miguel Blanco – XRAY T4
2. Armando Lenzi (TQ) – XRAY T4
3. Andres Trigo - Team Durango
4. Miguel Hernandez - Associated
5. Aladin Mohamed – XRAY T4
6. Demetrio Zigras - Associated
7. Gustavo Hernandez - Associated
8. Stefano Bortesi - Team Durango
9. Jose Nunez - Associated
10. Elvis Leon - XRAY T4
11. Antonio Villegas – XRAY T4

Continua la "love story" tra Jan Ratheisky e XRAY.
Accordo firmato anche per il 2017 tra il campione e la casa cotruttrice.
leggiamo l'entusiasta Jan cosa ci dice:
“After my previous very successful year winning two European Championships as well ETS titles I´m happy to continue my partnership with XRAY for 2017 season. XRAY team work is absolutely the best I have ever experienced and the professionalism is second to none. I am very happy for everything so far and I am very motivated for the next season where I will do my best. We will continue our work with the further development of XRAY cars and I will give all my best effort to continue with the X1 further development.”

Il matrimonio con l'ambita casa questa volta lo firma Nikos Georgiadis, campione greco.
Ecco il suo palmares:
- 5x Greek National Champion 1/10 Electric Modified
- 3x Greek Touring Series Champion 1/10 Electric Modified
- Greek XRAY Winter Series Champion
Emozione e volgia di far bene da entrambe le parti, ecco le parole di Nikos:
“I have only the best experience with XRAY as a private driver and thanks to the performance and reliability I was able to achieve all my current wins and victories. Signing my contract as an XRAY factory driver is an excellent moment in my racing career that will hopefully boost my experience and knowledge further. I will continue to share the knowledge and experience with local RC drivers and will continue to support this sport. Big thanks to XRAY for this opportunity and a new challenge for me to be part of a truly high-end international RCcar racing family and the best team on planet. I’m looking forward to the 2017 season with XRAY.”


Mibosport Cup

By Pupillo, in Race,

Al quinto round del Mibosport Cup doppia vittoria per XRAY, che si impone nelle due categorie disputatesi.
L'arena è quella di Hrotovice; organizzazione impeccabile, pista perfetta
2wd TOP 10:
1. Hupo Honigl (TQ) – XRAY XB2C
2. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB2C
3. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB2C
4. Ales Bidovsky – XRAY XB2C
5. Werner Spannbruckner – Associated
6. Marek Schiller – PR
7. Martin Kreil – XRAY XB2C
8. Kurt Rubik – XRAY XB2C
9. Roland Hauleitner – Associated
10. Peter Loncsar - Yokomo
4wd TOP 10:
1. Hupo Honigl – XRAY XB4
2. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB4
3. Ales Bidovsky – XRAY XB4
4. Peter Loncsar – Yokomo
5. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB4
6. Roland Hauleitner – Associated
7. Adam Izsay – Schumacher
8. Marek Schiller – PR
9. Werner Spannbruckner – Associated
10. Lacko Toth – XRAY XB4