In Francia vince XRAY
1-Alexandre Duchet – XRAY T4
2-Cyril N'dyae 
3- Lucas Urbain
4- Loic Jasmin
5- Thomas Vigneron
6- Alexandre Laurent – XRAY T4
7- Jeremy Limoges – XRAY T4
8- Mickaël Jasmin – XRAY T4
9- Manu Wagner – XRAY T4
10- Rémi Callens

Report interessante by Alessio Mazzeo
First big race, first big test. Very hard track layout and very difficult track conditions. We lost one test day to the rain. In qualy I was always fast but I have done a lot of mistakes because I didn’t have much feeling for the track. In Q1 I closed 2nd behind Bruno; in Q2 I have flipped after 8 laps and I finished 10th. In warm up practice we have changed the set up a bit to find more stability. In the final I started with number 8.
We were really fast but after 3 laps in an overtake maneuver I have flipped and I was last. I have pushed for the whole final to recover the gap. I also had a flame out at the second tyre change. I have changed all 4 tires 2 times. But neverthless, we are arrived in second place behind Bruno. I‘m realy happy for the result of the new car, and really happy for both Bruno'victory. The work of this winter is bringing its fruit."
1/10 TC Top 10
1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY NT1
2. Alessio Mazzeo – XRAY NT1
3. Eric Dankel - Mugen
4. Léo Arnold – XRAY NT1
5. Eduardo Escandon - Shepherd
6. Mark Green  Serpent
7. Jilles Groskamp           Infinity
8. Alex Thurston              Serpent 748 WC
9. Kyle Branson Capricorn
10. Quentin Leroux        CAPRICORN
1/8 Top 10
1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY RX8
2. Jilles Groskamp           Infinity
3. Toni Gruber  WRC GTX1.3
4. Takaaki Shimo              INFINITY
5. Robert Pietsch             Mugen
6. Dominic Greiner         Serpent Viper 977 Evo3
7. Simon Kurzbuch          Shepherd Velox WC
8. Lars Hoppe    Shepherd
9. Merlin Depta                Serpent
10. Naoto Matsukura    Infinity

Ecco un bell'articolo censito da Jarno Pijpers
Last weekend I was at the second Dutch national championship at RMCA Almelo which is a small ASTRO-TURF track.
After the qualifications I had the fourth place. In the semi B I started behind Bart Mullink and I finished second. I had a good start in the A main. After a few laps behind Bart Mullink I made a mistake. It was a race between Sander, Jordy and me. After a while I had the third spot, a second behind Sander. But after a few laps , Bart Mulnik got an electronic failure at the lead. So Sander an I moved on to the first and second spot. After a while Sander made a mistake and I passed him. Then Jordy came closer to Sander and they where battling fore the second place. While they where battling I got a gap between me and the second. There where only 5 minutes left so I had to just drive to the end and it would end with me winning. My XRAY XB8 was easy to drive , so thanks to my dad for the set-up. Also my FX -K3 was great.
Thanks to my sponsors: Xray/FX/Hudy- RC-connect
RMV Deutsland
Motoren Revisie Valkenswaard
Top 10
1. Jarno Pijpers XRAY XB8 / FX
2. Jordy velder serpent / alpha
3. Sander Van Genechten XRAY XB8 / FX
4. Oane Storm  JQ                           
5. Rajco Van Der Sluijs Tekno reds
6. Nathan Lejeuz serpent                             
7. Lars Trouwborst / XRAY XB8 FX
8. Gerwin De Wit Agama  OS Speed
9. Jacco koch Hongnor
10. Bart Mullink Agama  Bullit