Saturday Night Club Race
TVRC Carpet Track  Nampa, Idaho
Partecipanti - 48
TQ:  Will Bergman
Primo round davvero ben riuscito.
Gara tosta, entusiasmante fino all'ultima curva
1. Will Bergman (TQ)
2. Gary Ovitt
3. Ben John – XRAY XB2


Circuito greco 2017

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XRAY vince il Greek cup 2017!
Dopo un intensa battaglia, ad avere la meglio è Paparegas con la sua XB8, seguito da Terzis su mugen e Papanikolaou con kyosho.
1. Paparegas - XRAY XB8
2. Terzis mugen
3. Papanikolaou kyosho
4. Makropoulos sworks
5. Perogianakis mugen
6. Zagorisos agama
7. Katsanis
8. Maravelakis kyosho
9. Zervas agama
10. Zotiadis sworks
11. Koudouris sworks
12. Paparegas J - XRAY XB8
13. Bornovas - XRAY XB8


Southside RC Club Race

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Race report by Blake Raulerson
Club Race - Lake City
             My XRAY XB8 was DIALED all day taking TQ and setting fast lap times in both qualifiers and the A Main. I led every lap in the 20 minute main to bring home the win. We have been doing a lot of testing lately and setup changes and it definitely paid off. 

With my XRAY XB8E16 I qualified 3rd in the A main with stiff competition and the buggy was a bit loose all day. Made some adjustments and it finally settled down. I qualified 3rd and would battle in the mainland take 2nd. I ran M3 holeshots on both buggies all day. 

Overall a great day at Southside RC and finally getting some good finishes for the work and practice we have been putting in. Thanks for the continued support.
Nitro Buggy - TQ and finished 1st
E Buggy - qualified 3rd, finished 2nd
Nitro Buggy Podium
1. Blake Raulerson – XRAY XB8
2. Mikey Griffin - Kyosho
3.Travis Adams - TLR

E Buggy Podium
1. Mikey Griffin - Kyosho
2. Blake Raulerson – XRAY XB8E
3. Joe Barbara - TLR

Report by Peter Alvarado
Carribean On-road Round 1 - Guaynabo Rc Complex
17.5 Electric Sedan - TQ and finished 1st
1. Peter Alvarado – XRAY T4
2. Fernando Mendes – XRAY T4
3. Victor Merino
The first round of the PR on road electric association was held at Quaynabo city in PR near the Mario Quijote Morales sports center. On the 17.5t class Peter Alvarado take the TQ early on the first round with 14 laps in 5:10.392, with .105 sec over the second driver, at the second round Alvarado improves his TQ pace to 15 laps in 5:07.158 with 2.517 sec over the second place Ivan Garcia. On the a1 heat Alvarado lost the rear belt of his XRAY T4 due to a little debri on the rear diff putting him at the rear of the pack. In the A2 heat Alvarado took the first place and in the A3 heat as well. With the tie breaker Alvarado could get the first place with 36 laps on 740.450 over the second place Fernando Mendez with 35 laps on 755.928 with XRAY T4, the third place was “the youngster” a 10 year boy Victor Merino with 33laps on 739.687…
Winning set-up sheet


XRAY campione in Sud America

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A new South American All-Terrain Championship was held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra "Bolivia" on the track "La Candelaria RC".

There were 4 XRAY XB8 in the final! Pablo Acosta Juan, Jose Serna and Javier Biurrum were part of the Final that lasted 45 minutes, but they had problems - one with a servo, other with his engine and the third one with the radio. In the event there was a guest driver Tom Robin from France who demonstrated his great skills. We won the final race being official FX driver.
I want to thank RCAmerica, to Gustavo Alberdi from GLCOMPETIZIONE for the unconditional support, Meccamo and CovinoDesign for everything! Now to release the new XB8 2017 the next weekend in the first round of the Metropolitan Championship on the Track where the 2012 world championship was held - the speed Paradise!
1. Bregante Nicolas - XRAY XB8
2. Eduardo Rossi Mugen
3. Stefan Koblitz


T4 vince in Cina

By Pupillo, in Race,

Our team driver “Po Po Chen” participated this competition. It was the first race in 2017
under Incom, the track was for the ETS carpet. He was able to do the practice on 11th March
in order to familiarize with the new track and also to test the ARS system. He could achieve
the fastest lap 12.551 with the traditional rear suspension. After he put on ARS to make the
comparison, overall felt that the car bended more turn when ran into the corner, and also
unstable when the car on the right side of the high-speed arc corner. After the initial
adjustment, ARS tie rod was not yet improved. In order to ensure the stability of this game, he
decided to temporarily return to the original rear suspension. And waiting for more
opportunities to re-test ARS in the near future. The race was started at 9:00 morning on 12th
March, with a total of 1 round of control exercises, 3 rounds of preliminaries and 3 rounds of
final. Due to the night before the wind blowing, the track was covered with dust, the traction
was dropped significantly, his time average lap was slow 0.3s. But he was so lucky to win in
the best practice of control exercises, the first position entered the preliminary. The tires were
the key factor to determine his result. Obviously, the lot of tires given by the organizer for the
control exercises were totally different from the ones for the preliminaries. Different
characteristics from various lots of tires assigned by the organizer. The change of the
characteristics of the tires was not fit with his setting and also the interrupt by those slow cars,
he lost the chance to win TQ. He followed the first car in a short distance after the first lap of
the Final round, and tried to go beyond the 1st car during the 3rd lap. Unfortunately, his car
was blocked by the 1st car, and then crashed with 3 cars. His car ranking dropped sharply, and
ultimately he finished with 3rd position. He still had the opportunity to go beyond the first car
during the 2nd round of Final, it was very bad that he missed the chance. He got 2nd position
in the 2nd round of Final. The result of the 3rd round of Final was the most critical. His car
was successfully brought out with the 1st car, kept the 2nd position. He took the opportunity
to pass over the 1st car at the fifth (5th) lap and twice alternate leads in the last minute, very
blessed that won the final round. Finally, although he got the same good result with the TQ,
Finally, he got the 2nd place and felt a little bit up-set for the loss of the winner, provided with
the dissatisfied single round results. Thanks to the World Model’s big support, the next time
he will make persistent efforts to get more good results.
1. Liu jun Yokomo-BD7
2. POPO Chen – XRAY T4
3. Liu yunan Yokomo-BD7
4. Jia jun WRC
5. Da chen Yokomo-BD8
6. Lai Bin Yokomo-BD8
7. Hu chunliang Yokomo-BD8
8. Da yan Yokomo-BD8
9. Kimi Tamiya-419X
10. Wang qi Yokomo-BD7

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    • Ciao Toni, sicuramente cambierò la candela, ma il rumore è simile a quando sei molto magro di minimo, cosa che non è perché da fermo se accelero bruscamente non spegne e fa abbastanza fumo, il problema sorge nella massima accelerazione, è un singhiozzare come dei vuoti e fa il rumore che dicevo all inizio

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