XRAY è lieta di annunciare il campione sloveno Matej Dobnikar.
Matej Dobnikar è un pilota molto talentuoso, che impreziosirà la già ambiziosa casa modellistica.
Queste le parole del pilota:
"I am really happy and proud to join XRAY team. The chance to use their best quality and performance products is a great honour for me. This is big opportunity for me to grow and gain some experience on highest level and have fun with team mates around the world. I will try my best to represent XRAY brand on as many local and international races as possible."
Matej’s greatest achievements:
 ETS A-main finalist
 Multiple National Champion
 LRP-HPI Slovenia Champion


Indoor in Germania

By Pupillo, in Race,

Stagione indoor iniziata un pò dappertutto, ed è la volta della Germania
Vince un giovane driver, Stadler Dionys, con XRAY
1. Stadler Dionys (XRAY)
2. Grandel Carl
3. Wegmann Markus (XRAY)


Indoor in Svizzera

By Pupillo, in Race,

Il club ERMC ha ospitato il primo dei tre round del Swiss Indoors Offroad Cup (SIORC) di Ginevra, Svizzera appunto.
Tantissime le iscrizioni, quasi 100 i partecipanti alla gara!

Gara appunto che è stata tiratissima, sin dalle prime prove libere.
alla fine, primo sotto la bandiera a scacchi risulta Cham Dassanyake, seguito da Cyrille Gruaz e Remy Bertrand 
4WD A Main top 10 :
1. Cham Dassanyake – XRAY XB4
2. Cyrille Gruaz
3. Remy Bertrand
4. Jean-Marc Betticher
5. Vincent Guigli – XRAY XB4
6. Carlos Garcia – XRAY XB4
7. David Poisson – XRAY XB4
8. Thomas Anger
9. Marco Stettler
10. Didier Baltensperger


II prova finlandese

By Pupillo, in Race,

Nella capitale, Helsinki, è andata in scena la seconda prova del Winter Jumps.
Andiamo a vedere i migliori!
2WD overall:
1. Joel Valander – XRAY XB2C
2. Samppa Orhanen - Associated
3. Joona Haatanen - Associated
4. August Poutiainen - Team Durango
5. Juha Aromaa - Team Losi Racing
6. Jarno Siltanen - Schumacher
7. Konsta Saarinen - XRAY XB2C
8. Joonas Hyvärinen - XRAY XB2C
9. Markku Honkanen - Team Durango
10. Toni Niinivirta - XRAY XB2C
4wd overall:
1. Joel Valander – XRAY XB4
2. Pekko Iivonen - Schumacher
3. Markku Honkanen - Team Durango
4. Ari Heinonen - Team Durango
5. Konsta Saarinen – XRAY XB4
6. Joonas Hyvärinen – XRAY XB4
7. Toni Niinivirta - XRAY XB4
8. Jarno Siltanen - Schumacher
9. Lauri Siltanen - Team Durango
10. Ari Koski - Team Durango

Touring Stock Class A-Main Results
1. Nicholas Lee – Yokomo (TQ)
2. Dominic Quek – XRAY
3. YS Heng –Yokomo
4. PY Tang – ARC
5. Ng Wei Jian - Tamiya
6. Eugene Goh - Yokomo
7. Leonard Sim - Awesomatix
8. Hasron Robana - XRAY
9. Chee Lip Keong - Yokomo
10. Ng Wei Quan - Tamiya
Formula Class Results
1. Dominic Quek - XRAY
2. Kelvin Khng - Tamiya
3. Raju - Serpent
4. Allister Lim - XRAY
5. Charles Lim - XRAY
6. Frank Tan - Tamiya
7. Marc Seow - XRAY
8. Smith Kek - Capricorn
9. Kenji Taira - Tamiya
10. Andy Tan - Tamiya

XRAY è lieta di annunciare un nuovo top driver on road René Kölbel
Ecco subito le parole di René:
“I would like to thank XRAY for the given trust in me. I drive the T4 and I'm excited about the quality and functionality of XRAY RC cars, therefore it was clear for me to join the XRAY team in the formula class as well. XRAY X1 is a very good car with a lot of potential. During the season I will participate at all major races including ETS, and of course, the National series as well. I will be available at the Austrian races to help to any XRAY drivers, so do not hesitate to contact me with your questions.”
René Kölbel achievements
 MIBO Cup 2014/15 in stock and F1 winner
 F1 ETS 2015/16  7th place
 F1 ETS 2014/2015  8th place
René will participate in 2017 at the following races:
 Austrian Nationals

T4 Alu Fan Mount – Orange
• Purpose-designed fan mount
• Fits all T4 cars
• Fits popular fan sizes
• Tweak-free design
• Vibration-free
• Super small, lightweight
• Distinctive XRAY orange color
Super smart XRAY T4 Fan Mount designed specifically for the T4 platform will accommodate
popular fan sizes including 30mm and 40mm fans. The Fan Mount is installed on the
bulkhead rather than the chassis to eliminate any tweak and to ensure no vibrations are
transferred to the chassis. A “must have” option part.

XRAY support @ AOC R5 in Japan
This is a notice to all XRAY customers attending the Asian On-Road Championship (AOC) round 5 from 24th -27th of November at Yatabe Arena in Japan. The XRAY Support Team will be available with full V.I.P. service and support at the upcoming AOC in Japan. XRAY distributor Central will be there to provide full support and service with a complete range of all spare parts. Team XRAY factory driver Jan Ratheisky will be providing help to all XRAY customers so do not hesitate and stop for a tip.

E' stato un fine settimana emozionante con la classifica da definirsi e la minaccia di pioggia durata tutto il week end.
RC Zone in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, per il Sarda Onroad  Gas National Championship
Tantissimo interesse suscitato anche dalla presenza del supporto XRAY.

200mm Nitro Sprints
1. Tom Kraegefski (XRAY NT1)
2. Conrad Liebenberg (Capricorn)
3. Willie du Plooy (XRAY NT1)
200mm Nitro Enduro
1. Tom Kraegefski (XRAY NT1)
2. Willie du Plooy (XRAY NT1)
3. Jonathan Wilken (XRAY NT1)
1/8 Nitro Sprints
1. Wayne Joelsen (Mugen)
2. Jacques Liebenberg (Capricorn)
3. Antonio Caroli (XRAY RX8)
1/8 Nitro Enduro
1. Jacques Liebenberg (Capricorn)
2. Wayne Joelsen (Mugen)
3. Harold van Eeden (Capricorn)